Hotel on Henry

Leonie and Shelley left for home later this morning. This afternoon our good friend Kerry from Kapiti arrived for the night so it was a quick cleanup of the spare room for her between times 🙂

It’s great to catch up after not seeing her for some time. She and her partner Shane are going to sell their house in Kapiti and buy something a little more rural. Maybe they will move up this way.. it would be good to have old friends that live a bit closer than Kapiti.

I got some coding done today too. I was looking at the knife hit clone prototype and really didn’t like the code for the knives especially. It was using all kinds of strange things to determine the state of the knives and managing their movement. So I just deleted the whole lot and re wrote it. I’m very pleased with it now and it’s running faster than it was also. Not that that matters because there isn’t much happening in the prototype (or the full game) anyway so it doesn’t ‘need’ to be optimal.. it just feels better knowing that it ‘is’ optimized 😀

I’m really thinking hard about making this prototype into a full game and including it as another example in my Gideros book.


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