Tick Tock

Time flies.. especially when you are trying (and failing) to use Gimp to create graphics for a new prototype (or game). Graphics are the bane of my minuscule existence! Sometimes I think I should just give up programming all together because lack of graphics (especially quality graphics) really annoys me.

So as you might be able to tell.. most of today was hoovered up with Gimp.. fuck I hate doing graphics! If only I had loads of money I could pay somebody to make them for me. I suppose that’s the only solution which is a totally depressing thought because loads of money is something that I do not possess šŸ˜¦

Oh well, I cleaned the house today after all of our guests. Then as I mentioned.. Gimped the day away and wasted it in its entirety. I did get some coding in and got the code that rotates the wheel in the knife hit clone prototype into its own class and functioning. I’ll be creating classes for the knives and other bits and bobs in the following days.

Oh.. the current working title for the prototype is now.. Throwy Knives. I know.. it’s hardly original or even that good but meh.. it’s a working title and it will do for now šŸ˜€


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