Well last evening I had my blog post all sorted out in my head. Unfortunately (possibly fortunately for you my valued readers) I forgot to actually make the post. Imagine my embarrassment when I logged into the blog this evening and discovered that. Please accept my humble apologies, I know you can hardly wait for your daily fix of my mundane existence 😀

Just quickly then.. last evening I was going to rant about crApple a little bit again. I had received an email with all the details for our friends iPad repair. crApple would have a box sent that I would then use to send the device to the service center for free! However because the call center is in a foreign country there is the language barrier issue so they transposed our postal address incorrectly! After a quick 45 minute phonecall crApple think they have their shit sorted and I should receive the box in a couple of days. If I was a betting man.. I’d say.. nah.. that box isn’t arriving 😀

Today I went outside to check the mailbox. No.. I wasn’t thinking that the crApple box would have arrived, I was just checking for bills and other interesting things like that. No bills today.. yay! I did notice the driveway was getting pretty slippery in places so I spent a good four hours on my hands and knees with a stiff brush and the hose cleaning the driveway. After that my arm hurt like mad for the remainder of the day (and is still very sore).

In happier news.. I finished the first chapter in my book (Creating 2D games with Gideros for fun and profit) which is titled ‘Introduction, setup, and fundamentals’. I still need to make a few more passes over it because there am sum bad grammarz in dere eh?. I also started messing about with creating the contents section, formatting the information and so on. I think I need to google ‘how to make a contents page in microcrap word’ 😉


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