Today I got to use a product that actually seems to do what it is supposed to. We have a few nasty dry stains in our carpet (that the previous tenants left behind) and the other day our flooring guy said that ‘Cavalier Bremworth Dry Stain Remover’ would get rid of them. Since it would be cheaper to attempt this as opposed to laying new carpet (bye bye thousands of dollars) we did. And.. It seems to have worked!

The process was spray, wait a bit and then hoover it up. The stuff is totally toxic and smells like oven cleaner. I hope I didn’t inhale enough to get cancer LOL.. knowing my good luck however.. 😀

Besides removing carpet stains I finally figured out how to make a table of contents in micropoop word.. what a pain in the ass if I may be so bold. If you change a style that your chapter titles are using.. every chapter disappears from the contents and you have to start over. Really.. micropoop.. get some real programmers!

Ha! like that will ever happen. There are still buggy things in winblows that have been round since windroppings95 😀

Still no box from crApple, I think I’ll be calling them again next week and asking them to get their act straight.


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