When Harry met Meghan

This morning at about 5:30AM Claire turned the radio on because she could not sleep. My ears were suddenly assaulted by the sounds of reports of the royal wedding between Harry the nazi dressup artist and Meghan the American tv bint. The coverage had started last evening at about 8PM and it was still going.. and these two meatbags still hadn’t managed to actually get married.. sheesh!

So I got out of bed because I’m really not a very royally kind of person (can you tell?) and watched some zombie television show on my computer.. a much more meaningful pastime. I later found out that the radio channel was having NO other coverage of anything but the royal whatnot until 1PM.. unless there was breaking news of national significance. Wow! What a waste of time IMHO. Now that they are married, the boys can get back to what they are usually up to I suppose..


Once Claire was up we went off to Clive and had a nice long walk on the stop-banks. It was a pretty good day and we stopped near the end for a wee picnic we had prepared. A very nice afternoon out it was πŸ™‚

We also went and looked at another potential property to purchase, this time in Hastings. It was a pretty nice place but needed a lot of cleaning up and most likely better tenants. Ahh well, we are back off to Flaxmere later in the week to see what we can see.

I came to a grinding halt with the book this morning trying to explain LETTERBOX scaling and what happens with devices that have a different aspect ratio than the apps, ughhh. But after our walk I was able to break through and started to progress somewhat. I actually spent a lot of time on the walk thinking about said breakthrough.. shh.. don’t tell Claire πŸ˜€

Hey Hey, its Sunday so you know what that means…

With religion and royalty being so intertwined it is no wonder to me that they have the same basic belief systems and patterns of behavior..


And finally a quick peep to @totebo who suggested I try some online services to convert my EPS files to SVG. After a lot of searching I discovered more tutorials on getting old EPS files to work in InkScape and now I have it working! Thanks for the prod mate πŸ™‚


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