Being Monday a lot of the day was taken up with coffee group. We had a really good chat to everyone today and especially to our friend Jeanette about her dead iPad saga. As it transpires the goofy muppets at crApple had sent the box to the incorrect address so today they created an entirely new job and hopefully another box will arrive this week and the iPad will finally be on the way to the service place. Really though the courier driver should know that there is no f**king street number 2509 in the New Zealand townships and should further have deduced the address as 2/509. Some people really just don’t try very hard at life do they? 😀

So no writing today as we also attended the monthly Property Investors meeting this evening. There was a talk presented by government agencies about renting to beneficiaries. It was informative but kind of scary because beneficiaries can be pretty bad tenants. We talked at length after that with another investor who like us is just a small time investor. It’s good to know that not all investors want to buy the universe and rent it to everyone at a highly inflated cost 🙂

Oh, and the slice reference.. there was coffee and tea and.. slice!! And very good chocolate slice it was.. the ginger crunch wasn’t as good.


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