Writey Ho

Today was spent writing and really for the time I spent.. I didn’t end up with much. I think I need to write faster and just reiterate frequently, either that or give up.. which really isn’t an option 😉

We went and looked at another property today, in Kiwi Street in Hastings. We were hoping it would be good but it was not in great shape. The tenant seemed to be paranoid about security and kept all of the curtains shut. Most of the windows were screwed shut and the guy mad an unflued gas heater (instead of using the heat pump) which is really bad for your health (and the house) and an unflued gas cooker! One window that I examined was ritten through from outside to inside and somebody had attempted to conceal that. There had been painting happening outside the house too and it was REALLY badly done. Unfortunate.

We should probably not have even gone but the price was attractive. We looked on google street view and hmm. The link shows the house we were looking at today. If you travel left you will see that the day the google street map was made.. there was an Armed Offenders Squad call-out in the hood. The AOS are New Zealands version of a S.W.A.T team so yeah who needs that happening anywhere near their rental property hehehe. Maybe you do in fact get what you pay for! 😀


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