Reviews and Revisions

I started writing about the splash scene, the next part in my book. After a few minutes I found myself reviewing the book from the beginning and I felt it looked a bit like a giant wall of text. This is in fact what it is so I decided to stylize all of the code examples to break up the text. This seems to be working but now I have to stylize (because you can’t have a style that you can just apply to a table in micropoop word.. oh no.. you have to edit every one individually!) all of the code by putting them into tables and futzing about with them. This will take some time because there is quite a bit of code in the book already.

Whilst I was having this revelation I decided that since I am listing every code example with a number (101 for chapter 1 example 01) I decided that I would make Gideros projects for every code example. This is also going to take a few hours. Mostly I am making these example projects because some of the example code is quite long and some readers might now want to sit there and type the whole thing. So if you are going to have example projects.. why not just have them for everything! πŸ˜‰

We went over to Havelock North this evening to have dinner with Fiona and Walt. It was cold out but their house was lovely and warm. Since they are vegans (we are mostly vegan also) we took a vegan dessert that we whipped up this afternoon. It was a dark chocolate tart with a crunchy oaty base.. delicious! This is what it looked like before we scoffed it…


Who would have thought that by blanching a block of soft tofu for 10 minutes, adding adding it to a block of melted 62% dark chocolate, and whizzing the f**k out of it with a stick blender would create a fantastic chocolate ganache? It’s so good! πŸ™‚

For dinner we had heaps of Roast vegetables with gravy and other condiments, nice! I’m very full now so I’m wombling off to bed πŸ˜‰


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