Jaggy Edges

I have been messing about with the RenderTarget prototype today (off and on) and I’m starting to wonder if I am doing the right thing. For the walls of my level I am creating shapes which are then drawn to a RenderTarget and finally made into a Bitmap which is then displayed on screen.

This method is working but Shapes in Gideros are actually not so great because they do not support any anti aliasing so they look a bit shabby. Adding to that frustration is that when there are positioning errors in Gideros (don’t ask me how the f**k these occur) between the Bitmaps, there are graphics glitches in the form of blank space between the Bitmaps. It’s really annoying.

One solution might be to make the game super low res so then the blocky look and feel of Gideros Shapes wouldn’t be such an issue. I’ll ponder that for a bit but I’m kind of happy with the prototype now as I have tweaked some stuff (namely the player and coin sizes) and it’s a lot more playable now.

In other news I made another call to crApple today and the mystery of the missing boxes is solved (mostly). crApple get another company to do their logistics so TNT are in charge of moving crApple stuff about. In Hawkes Bay (and most of the rest of New Zealand I would wager) they subcontract NZ Couriers to deliver the stuff to the endpoint.

The first box crApple sent had the wrong address but it has still been flagged as ‘delivered’. Totally false because the address does not exist.

The second box is flagged as ‘delivered’ to Flaxmere which is not where I live. In fact there is no Henry Street in Flaxmere.

On contacting TNT they contacted NZ Couriers who said they had attempted delivery of the box this very morning but were unable to deliver it. This is a total lie because I was in my office from 6:30AM until mid morning and no courier arrived at the front door. Furthermore there was no ‘failed delivery’ card in the letterbox.

I have lost faith in the courier system here in Hastings. I have had nothing but trouble with the single digit IQ courier drivers I have had the misfortune to deal with here. Back in Kapiti I had fantastic service from NZ Couriers, but here in Hastings.. forget about it!


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