Keeping it simple is the order of the day. I have been messing about trying to get the RenderTarget prototype looking good but I have failed miserably. Then I decided to make the game graphics very basic, as in solid colors. This seems to be working quite nicely and I’m using a few little Gideros tricks like setColorTransform() to make things look pretty good (if I do say so myself).

Today I also went to the courier depot and collected the box from crApple! As it turns out the address on the package is incorrect as the ‘unit 2’ line had been omitted. This is why the package was not delivered yesterday. This raises two important questions..

  1. How can TNT omitt part of the damn address when crApple have the correct address and in theory sent that to TNT?
  2. Why do crApple and TNT both think the package is delivered when it actually isn’t?
  3. Where the f**k are the other two boxes?

Well that’s 3 questions but who’s counting.. certainly not crApple who are bleeding who knows how much sending packages all over the world without them arriving, and certainly not TNT who get paid to deliver packages that never arrive at their destinations 😀

At the end of the day I received a box to send this iPad off for repair or replacement. However.. being crApple.. they sent a box that is too small so I had to operate (with scissors and sticky tape) to make the box fit the device.

It hardly makes me raise an eyebrow that this mega corporation can not only f**k up sending a box to a customer, but when a box eventually arrives, it does not fit the device that you have informed crApple that you are requesting service for.


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