Today I had an appointment in Napier to see a ‘specialist’ about my shoulder. At my last meeting with another ‘specialist’ (after having MRI scan of my shoulder) I was led to believe this latest meeting was to discuss and schedule surgery to correct the issue with my shoulder (Bursitis). I however was sadly mistaken.

It seems that the physiotherapy I had previously undergone was probably not the correct physiotherapy for my issue and that the correct physiotherapy will fix everything and I’ll be right as rain. How the f**k can they give somebody with Bursitis the wrong physiotherapy? It’s not f**king rocket science!

In my opinion the main reason is that the DHB gets f**k all  resources to cover everything they need to. As a side effect of that, not enough operations can be performed and so since I am not classed as urgent.. I get recycled to physiotherapy until such time as my injury disappears, I go private and pay for the operation, my injury becomes urgent, or I keep eating pills to manage the inflammation and pain for the rest of my natural life. Oh yay.

I tell you readers.. you might be able to drink the water in New Zealand (well okay there was that whole town in Hawkes Bay that got poisoned by their water last year but hey..) but the health service (and most other public services) are really f**ked!

This all just reminds me why I don’t vote anymore. It does not matter one iota whom you vote for (red, black, green, or white).. you just end-up with the same kind of useless assholes running the show who whilst say they mean well.. really are just there to make themselves rich. I suppose nothing much changes eh?

I had to take the bus from Hasting to Napier (and back) which takes nearly an hour each way (groan) but during that time I tested the heck out of Descent. Once I got home and ranted to Claire a bit (heheh) I got to coding.

I now have all of the options menu fully implemented so you can set the game to generate new levels every new game, or you can specify a set random seed to be used for all games. You can enable and disable the music and although the Google Play Services checkbox works, I have not yet implemented the actual Play Services stuff for score keeping and stuff.

I’ve tweaked the games acceleration so it speeds up a bit faster now and the gameplay is a lot smoother. I’ve Gimped up new UI graphics and also cleaned up the default player craft. It’s looking a lot crisper now.

So no time for a video right now.. tomorrow.. for now I must go to bed and test a bit more before sleeping 🙂


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