Mental Note #485

When creating a prototype.. any prototype.. ALWAYS use an empty project template! Under no circumstances just start smashing code into the editor and think that is going to work.

As you might guess, I’m having a lot of trouble getting Descent transformed from its current state into the books blank project template. Damn sometimes I am so dumb. This is going to set me back a few days but oh well, it’s a great lesson that I need to learn πŸ˜€

I have been thinking about adding an ending to the game so at a set depth the descent ends and the player is awarded some bonus tokens. Again, I need to think that over a bit. This raises an interesting issue regarding high scores because Google Play Services lets you create LeaderBoards.. but how can I have a LeaderBoard for EVERY possible random seed that the game can generate? The simple answer is that Play Services is unable to do this, hmm. This is something else I will need to think about.

Before any of this can happen however I’m going to need to work on Gimping some extra craft for the player to purchase in the shop, which I also have to re implement. Ahh, the joys of code πŸ˜‰

We went up Te Mata Peak today as the weather was fantastic. We walked up and down and had lunch. It was very good to be out in the daylight πŸ™‚


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