Let’s go shopping!

We went out for coffee this morning and it wasn’t great. The last few coffees I have had at Little Black  Bird haven’t been that nice. Today I tried a Cappuccino but that was not good also. Next week we will suggest we try another cafe.. Sutto.. where I had one of the best coffees I’ve ever had a couple of weeks ago.

Besides bad coffee I got a lot of coding done today. I got the entire shop implemented and working in Descent and I’m kind of happy with it. You can choose your craft, it’s color, and the shape of the particles it emits as it descends. I think I might need to tweak the layout because there should be some kind of indication that you are choosing those things.. instead of just guessing. What do you think?


For now it works and I can get on with integrating more of the original codebase into the current project. I’m looking forward to getting it playable in the new project because I have a bunch of tweaks and improvements that I can’t implement until it’s working. Hopefully later in the week I’ll be at that point 🙂


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