Last evening I said I was feeling confident that Advanced Object Oriented Programming was looking good this year. Well I’d like to reverse my stance and say that I am not overly confident anymore.

Today was the first lab session where we get to actually do some coding alongside the tutor. This was all very well until we discovered that the computers in that room don’t have Java (the language we are learning) or Netbeans (the IDE we are using) installed.

Pretty much the entire two hours was taken up with the tutor trying in vain to get these things downloaded and installed onto the computers. Basically it all failed miserably. Even better is the fact that these machines are imaged so every time they are rebooted… any changes made during the last session are lost forever LOL.

The tutor is now expecting everyone to bring their own computers with the software installed for the next lab. I find this kind of outrageous as they should be providing computers with the tools to learn installed.

I talked to another tutor and he basically said that the computers aren’t theirs and they cannot do anything about it! What a fucking cop out!

So I have written an email to the head of the computing school at EIT and asked if he is able to sort this stupid situation out.

At the end of the day the entire lab was wasted fucking about with pointless shit and now the class is behind by two hours. grrr, sometimes I get really annoyed with incompetent people, especially when they are supposed to be professionals!

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