Good News / Bad News

I got a reply from PolyTech regarding the muck up with the class that didn’t have the correct programs installed on the computers. The class will be moved to one of the labs that has everything required. Hooray!

However, I was in one of those labs today and I was unable to remote into my computer at home using Team Viewer. I asked the tech guy and he said Team Viewer was no longer permitted. Oh for fucks sake! He didn’t know why it was no longer allowed when I asked but he said he would talk with somebody who would know and then he would let me know… and he would also advocate on my behalf to get Team Viewer allowed once again.

For the life of me I cannot fathom why these numb nut mother fuckers would forbid such a useful technology! I really don’t want to have to lug my new large heavy laptop all over campus but it might be the case. Damn!

Tomorrow I will take my large heavy laptop with me for a test run.. well not really a run.. more a drag LOL.

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