Poopey Doopey

Well today was an interesting if not somewhat shitty day at school today. My classes were pretty good but in Advanced OOP the tutor didn’t manage to get everything covered. After two weeks we are now basically one and a half lessons behind. I hope that we don’t just keep falling behind and end up not getting all of the tutoring that we need to successfully compete the paper. I did learn a bunch of stuff about Java today though so that’s got to be a plus.

Web App Development class was pretty good and I’m feeling confident that I’m going to quite to get to like PHP and MySQL. Better yet is that all of the stuff I learn in that class is directly applicable to Business App Programming which is going to need a cloud based solution… using PHP and MySQL 🙂

The shit part of the day was having the school of computings security expert (and teacher of all things security there) tell me that they would not be reinstating Team Viewer access, which they have this year disabled because of some security concern that has no bearing on their IT infrastructure. Having him talk down to me like I’m some sort of imbecile was also not pleasant at all. They have gone overboard and it’s a bit like the stupid morons who won’t go into a Chinese restaurant because they think they might catch the Coronavirus. Fucking morons!

Anyhoo, as we all know.. there are a lot of stupid people making a lot of stupid policy and the security expert is one of them. Just keep the old adage in mind… “Those who cannot do, teach” LOL

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