Super Lazy Sunday

I didn’t do much coding at all today. I cleaned up a construction mess in the hallway that had been there for about a week and then I played Exiled Kingdoms off and on and generally mucked about watching a few tv programs and stuff. I quite enjoyed doing bugger all and would totally like to have a few more days like this so I’m thinking that once a fortnight I’ll spend Sunday doing as little as possible.

I did spend some brain activity thinking about my ambitious (some might say overly ambitious) ARPG project…

Managint items in Exiled Kingdoms is pretty basic where you can click an item in one inventory cell then click another empty cell to move the item. I want my inventory to have drag’n’drop so you can also drop items out onto the ground, and into other containers. More about this all next week.

It is Sunday today so here is an update from his most holyness…

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It was a pleasant sunny 17 degrees here today so we went off to Napier and had a nice long bike ride. Okay it was only 30KM and we stopped half way at Adoro cafe in Napier and had coffee and food but hey.. we at least got out of the house 😉

So not much coding going on today. I’ve been playing a little bit of Exiled Kingdoms, an RPG game for Android. It’s not bad but it’s not great either. The NPC AI is really bad and there are some interesting issues with saving and loading as well. The controls are a little wonky and there are tons of other ill planned features but at least it’s an actual RPG and it mostly works.. which is infinity better than my ARPG which is still in the planning stages.

I really am feeling that there will be an actual market for my ARPG because for the life of me I can;t find a decent 2D ARPG like Diablo2 for Android.. anywhere! This is bad because I can;t just download and play something now but also great news because I can make said game and make millions of dollars and.. oh.. I’m dreaming again 😀


ARPG games need mountains of code. I filled my rather large whiteboard in about twenty minutes with basic stuff just for character generation. I have to say again.. this will be a very long term project. This is of course a bit of a shame because I’d like to make some money in the near future.. not in a decade once this thing is cooked 😀

Besides going for a long walk and doing some chores today I worked mostly on my book. I have a nice section on basic scene management and I’ll start soon on the splash class, which is a scene to advertise the programmers company.

When you find out…

I now know why people are always saying that no single person can create an ARPG by themselves. Now that I have started planning, the enormity of the task at hand is beginning to become apparent.. it’s GIGANTIC!!!!! There will be just.. so much code!!! I have a strong feeling that this will be a very long term project.

I fleshed out more about the prefs class in my book today and tomorrow I’ll move onto scene management, so I’m on track even though I have no idea when the end will be 😀

I went with Claire today and helped clean the cottage and another house. The cottage wasn’t overly bad this time round but the guests left the oven in a pretty greasy state. The other house is always pretty easy so it wasn’t too arduous.

Slow and steady

Today I worked on my book. I rehashed the scaling stuff yet again and I’m much more happy with it than I was yesterday. Maybe tomorrow I’ll look at it again.. and rewrite it. I got a good start on the blank project and will continue with that tomorrow. I’m looking forward to really getting into this section 🙂

When we had our kitchen installed we got a small cupboard next to the fridge where we keep baking trays and cooking oils. On hindsight we should have got a pullout tray in there at the top because getting things from the top shelf is a real pain when there are loads of bottles of oil and dressings stored there. Today I designed and built a small pullout tray for the top shelf. I’m pretty happy with it so far and tomorrow I’ll paint it and get it installed in the cupboard.

I also pondered more on my idea for an ARPG. I have been searching a lot and I have come to the conclusion that there are really no cool ARPG games that are similar to Diablo2 or Path of Exile for Android. There are loads of games that are touted to be like Diablo2 but they are quite frankly.. shit and totally not 2d.

I am beginning to think that a good 2d ARPG that is similar to my two favorite ARPG games will actually be able to make me some money. This would be rather fantastic because after more than two years of making games I have made about $12 NZD. Really this is fucking tragic 😀

Block Writer

I spent most of today re familiarizing myself with my book. I really need to make a few notes if I am going to get sidetracked from it again. I read the entire book (it’s only like 40 pages thus far) and am not happy at all with the section on project scaling. I’ve re written it about eight times today and am now mostly satisfied with it. I might need to give it another pass or two but for now it’s okay.

This afternoon I went over to our friend Bob’s place and helped him sort out his IT issues before he heads of to Rarotonga for three months like he does every year. I’m totally jealous.. who wouldn’t want to spend three months in tropical paradise every year? 😉

Moving write along

Once again it was Monday so off we went to coffee group. we have decided to organize a wee evening next week to get together and watch a movie and bring along wine and finger food. Sounds good to me!

I have been thinking about the game genre that has always been my favorite.. the humble ARPG. Of all of the ones I have played, Diablo2 and Path of Exile have been the ones I enjoyed the most and that is why I am going to begin creating my own ARPG which will draw heavy influences from both titles.

Whilst I plan (because this project will need a lot of planning) I will continue writing my book which I hope to have finished sometime in August. I’m starting to feel it will be the later part of the month 😉