Day 3 and we are doing well here in perpetual lock-down. We are beginning to feel that the country might be locked-down for more than 4 weeks but that doesn’t really bother us, me least of all… in fact I’d stay in lock-down forever if I could LOL.

So the interface guy showed his head in our Business app Programming discord channel today. He went on about having 5 papers this semester and how he had to complete this or that assignment before Tuesday.

When I said that it was unfair for him to work on his personal assignments and leave other people to do his work in the group assignment.. he left the channel. It seems that he thinks that he has come and made his perfectly acceptable explanation, and now left to work on the stuff that nobody else will do for him.

That made me really angry for a minute or two but hey.. I did his his work and now I can get on with my own as well. I suppose at least he came in and made a bullshit excuse… unlike the other interface guy who has done absolutely nothing for the past 7 weeks and doesn’t even bother to make any excuses whatsoever. That’s EIT group assignments for you though eh?

I also went and queued for an hour to get into the supermarket this morning. I went at 8am to beat the crowd.. along with everyone else LOL. Next time I’ll just take my tablet so I can read my course books or better yet… comics πŸ˜‰

Where Is UI?

Day 2 of COVID-19 lock-down and all is well, except there are another 80+ confirmed cases today, and now 10 in Hawkes Bay!

The UI guy from Business Application Programming didn’t manage to complete the work that he promised he would by this evening so where the hell does that leave the rest of the team?

If I was a useless individual then I wouldn’t be able to proceed without the diagrams he was supposed to provide. I am however mildly capable so I’ve done the diagramming I need and can continue with my work.. after having done his for him. Man, that really sucks that others in the team just don;t do anything. I feel another ranty email to the tutor brewing πŸ˜‰

I also started diagramming navigation flow charts today and I’m not currently going to share those with the team. I’ll just keep those for myself for now πŸ˜‰

Lockdown Day 1

Today was the first of many locked down days here in New Zealand, and I must confess… I am finding myself quite liking pandemic lock-down life. There are very few people about so when I went out to fuel the car this morning, it was very pleasant. If only every day could be as scarcely populated as today, I think I’d almost be in heaven LOL.

When I got home I worked on my UX & UI assignment and got that completed and submitted. That was only part one however and there is a rather chunky second part that I’ll get to work on soon. First I need to bide my time and see what transpires in the Business Application Programming team. I’m almost convinced that the interface guy isn’t going to be able to deliver on his promises tomorrow, and then I guess I will be thinking about leaving the team, if that’s at all possible *crosses fingers*

I’ve got other assignments to work on also but I think I’ll try to get as much of my BAP stuff done this weekend as I can. Maybe I won’t need to leave the team, instead maybe I can just do my 6th and then say… up to the rest of you now LOL

I guess we’ll find out… it’s all action and glory in Pandemic lock-down world, where there are ever mounting confirmed cases (280+) of COVID 19 in New Zealand and now 6 confirmed in Hawkes Bay *eek*


Today there was no online class for Business App Programming but we had a team meeting in Discord. Everyone who is not me did fuck all in the last week and pretty much committed to doing fuck all in the coming week. The rest of the team didn’t get round to electing a new team leader or project manager so I guess nothing will come of that either.

One of the interface guys didn’t even turn up to the meeting and the other guy had just taken sections from the navigation diagram (99% made by me LOL), made them larger, added some background imagery, and then saved them all as individual files claiming them as his own work. I see this quite often with EIT students.. they don’t seem to be able to produce their own work.

So that interface guy who said he would have all of the interfaces done by this week and failed miserably), has said he will now complete the incomplete interfaces inside the navigation diagram.. of which there are like two. I’m doubtful e will be able to manage this simple task without breaking it or going off on some wild tangent so i made a backup just incase πŸ˜‰

So yeah there are about 35 minutes to go and then New Zealand is on COVID-19 Level 4 status. we can’t go out except to go for a walk or go to the supermarket. There are an amazing number of people in New Zealand who think this is worse than the Zombie Apocalypse because they have absolutely no idea about how to entertain themselves for four weeks. I can’t get it really since I’m already happy as a clam to be isolated from the numbskulls outside of my property LOL.Β  can code, do schoolwork, eat, drink, binge watch TV programs.. what the heck is not to like about that?


Advanced Object Oriented Programming Lab was cancelled today. I was already waiting in the online system when I received an email informing everyone that the class was cancelled. It just seem to be the icing on the cake with this paper as it is just being run terribly.

The paper has been designed so that the lectures take 50 minutes to compete and the labs take about 2 hours to complete. The tutor that is teaching this paper however has added a ton of extra content that is IMHO way too advanced for the students, but trivial to him who as been a JAVA developer for 20 years.

No class has ever been fully completed and we are always trying to catch-up, but sadly.. we never seem to. Now we are another two hours behind and a test in about a week LOL. Man this paper is fucking retarded!

Danger Will Robinson!

New Zealand has been set to Level 3 (out of 4 levels) of COVID-19 alertness! Holy bat derived pandemic bullshit BatMan!

Personally I think New Zealand should have closed it’s borders to non citizens and residents a lot sooner, and gone straight to level 4 where everyone stays the fuck inside their houses for a month, only venturing out to take walks and shop.

But hey, I’m no expert or the minister of health so I don’t know the entire story. It just seems to me that the Government has done “half the job” currently. Their websites and other information is really badly done… it looks like some EIT quality bullshit these braniacs are producing, and it’s pretty embarrassing.

Anyway, 2 days from now we go to level 4 and then yeah.. it’s stay at home for a month time. I think I’m ready for that and am looking forward to doing my school stuff online… something that EIT could have been doing for years, except they are lazy and never got round to it LOL. Oh well, COVID-19 is a bit of a wakeup call for them and hopefully after it is all done and dusted (if we are all still alive) then maybe they will keep allowing us to use the online system πŸ™‚


Claire and I drove up to Napier and had a long walk around Park Island, a nice place to walk and where much sport is played on the many sport fields there. Today however there was no sport because COVID-19 has scared everyone away. Not that we mind… we aren’t really sport fans anyway πŸ˜‰

Then we went and visited friends for a while and came home and got Fish’n’Chips for dinner. It was a great day and we didn’t have to witness any craziness, so all good πŸ™‚

I got more work done on my assignments and now I’ll get an early night so I can be bright eyed, bushy tailed, and eager to get to school tomorrow! Okay, yeah, that last part is a bit of a stretch πŸ˜€

In reality I’d prefer they closed the place down and ran all of the classes online… which IMHO they should be ding in any case. I’m really amazed at how backwards EIT is.. they seem so hooked up on you coming to class and signing a bit of paper to let them know you turned up.Fucking dumb! πŸ˜‰