Door be Gone!

I got the kitchen door removed toady and walled up the gaping hole with weatherboards. The door step turned out to be easier than I had thought. So it’s lined with building paper and there is some basic framing in place. Tomorrow I will go out and get some timber for the scribers (which help keep the weather out) and then that will be about it. I’ll take some photos and share them maybe tomorrow as well 🙂

I listened to a PoE related podcast this afternoon which was full of famous streamers (people who play games for a living) and they were talking a lot about some of the shortcommings in PoE 3.0. They seemed optimistic that things would be better in the next patch but I won’t hold my breath.  One thing that GGG got right are some of the fantastic graphical effects. The water especially is just mesmerizing!

Anyhoo, that’s it for now.. I’m looking forward to getting a bit of coding done in the weekend. I think I have finally figured out (in my head at least) how the new character creation system will work in Ghost Road.. stay tuned 😉

Timber Ahoy

After a lot of messing about today I got the timber (most if not all) for the doorway in the kitchen purchased. I think that tomorrow I will get started and hopefully get the door removed and the hole filled on the outside at least. I’ve had a good look and from what I can see, getting the door step out will be the hardest task. After that it will all be plain sailing! Wishful thinking? 😉

So now for a wee rant, because I don’t rant nearly enough I feel. Path of Exile. It has some fantastic things in it but it also has some very bad issues..

Nerfed Skills.
Skills that were once great but now made useless. Why do they even exist?

Nerfed Items.
Items that were once great but.. well again.. why do they even exist?

Dumb Rewards.
Nobody wants to run about and perform some involved quest for an NPC only to be rewarded with what can only be called a booby prize. These item rewards are totally 99.999% useless, even for a starter character. Then there are the skill gem rewards that mean nothing because once you complete that quest you can just buy all of the other reward choices that you didn’t choose from the shop. I mean.. that’s just stupid!

One shot mechanics.
There are so many places in PoE that you can get one-shot which means some monster kills you in a single blow. This is really stupid and as you get more towards the end game it happens more frequently. Of course this can be mitigated somewhat by using some super rare items, which leads me to the next point..

Super Rare Items.
The way to win in PoE is to find some overpowered build (see the next point) which generally require some super rare item that of course you will never own unless you are super lucky or super rich, which leads straight into my next point..

The Economy.
At the beginning of every league (there is a new league every three months) the economy starts afresh and after a while it is totally ruined by greedy item flippers and unethical trading practices. Great items suddenly are only for the super rich. Ways to get super rich are to be super lucky, play for 12 hours a day, spend hours flipping items on, or running a currency farming bot. In fact the latest league has been running for only a couple of weeks and it is already ruined.

Overpowered Builds.
Some clever people examine the passive tree and come up with very powerful builds, often using specific unique items that allow them to just run through all the game content. At that point those specific items become really expensive. And you can rest assured that in the next patch GGG will in all likelihood nerf your build because they really didn’t think that would happen when they introduced it. It’s called balancing apparently…

For some strange reason.. after six years of development… GGG is unable to actually balance their game. The pendulum swings wildly one way or the other with every patch. So many things are changed in each patch that I doubt GGG even know what kind of game they are trying to make anymore. I mean this company has a thing called “the balancing team” who in all honesty do a piss poor job!

So! After one too many one-shot deaths, not having enough time to farm currency to trade for decent items, and with the constant nerfing (yes they actually nerfed something quite special early on in the league without notifying the playerbase in general), and actually having to trade with some of the f**ktards that dwell in the PoE trading universe, I have decided to say.. f**k PoE because it has become s**t.

Don’t me wrong.. there is plenty to like about PoE, but my overwhelming opinion is that there is so much more bad than good and I won’t be bothering to play it again.

This will leave me a free to concentrate on Ghost Road and also my own mobile ARPG. I feel now that after all the PoE I have played (we are talking thousands of hours here) I have an iron grip on what actually works in PoE and what does not work..  in my humble opinion. In the months that follow we shall see, shall we not? 🙂


We hope to renovate our kitchen in September or October. With the poor performance of most kitchen companies in our area it will most likely be October or November now. I began prep on the kitchen today and the first thing that has to go is the back door which will be filled in and be the corner of the new kitchen. I have it measured up and now have to get materials and actually make it all happen. Tomorrow I might get the materials and then on Thursday do the work. Since it is a door I will have to get it all walled in in a single day which I think I can manage 🙂

I started lifting the horrible “weetbix board” laminated floorboards today too. I discovered that there seems to be a thin layer of leveling compound on the actual floorboards, some crappy thin sheets on top of those, then a silver underlay type thing, and finally the boards. With this in mind we are investigating some kind of vinyl floor boards that you stick down. Originally we wanted to strip the lot back and polish the floors but now we are thinking that might not be a good idea as it will most likely throw the floor level out a lot.

Well there is a long way to go but we have now started on the kitchen.. exciting 🙂

National Nothing Day!

Yay it was international do nothing day today so I did my duty and.. well.. did nothing 🙂

Okay I lied right there, it was not international nothing day today.. but I did do nothing 😀

Tomorrow I am renovating so today was a rest day. We did go out for coffee if that counts as having achieved something 😉

Lets go…

For a nice big walk! It was a fantastic day here for the middle of winter so we packed a lunch and went for a big walk out by the ocean. It was superb and when we got home we did bugger all for the remainder of the day 😀

Just sign!!!!

My partner Claire (bless her little cotton socks) likes to sign online petitions about this and that, and mostly about issues relating to animals because we love cute little animals and lets face it.. who doesn’t? So at some point in time Claire supplied with my email address because there was something she thought I might also be interested in signing.

So I looked at whatever it was and then promptly unsubscribed to all further email communication from But still I am receiving unwanted email from this organization. I clicked the “unsubscribe” link in their latest email and was directed to a page that informed me that I was currently not subscribed to any of their mailing lists. This confirmed my earlier un-subscription but did not explain why I was receiving another email from them.


If these people can’t manage a f**king mailing list correctly then what makes them think anybody at all should sign up to any of their bulls**t petitions at all? These organizations are always wanting you to sign some petition to stop Syngenta killing the Bees, or Monsanto poisoning some innocent Banana farmers, or the Japanese murdering whales, or any number of other sad kind of tale they can throw at you. Maybe you agree that this or that is bad and you sign a petition and then feel good because you have helped save the world in some way or another.

If you think of pretty much all abuse and exploitation that happens in this so called modern and civilized society we exist in.. the common thread is that it is all committed for money. Would anybody be bothering to kill Elephants and Rhinos for ivory, mill puppies for their soft fur (add more, I’m sure you can think of a dozen or more without taxing your nonce) if they didn’t want to or need to do these terrible things for money? The simple answer is NO! They would probably not do any evil s**t at all if there was no monetary gain from it.

So these wretched organizations should man the f**k up (or woman the f**k up if you want some gender equality bandied about) and make a f**king protest against the oppressive monetary systems we all are enslaved by!


This might sound rather simple and even elementary to you dear reader but what you really need to know is that all of these organizations exist in these evil oppressive monetary systems and without those systems they would cease to exist! So you can see why they just send you endless petitions that you sign and that never really change life on earth one iota in any meaningful way.. because they need the monetary systems that allow them to keep their seemingly important jobs so they can continue to buy flatscreen televisions and all the other s**t that the aforementioned flatscreen television tells them they must acquire!

So there you have it in a nutshell.. the most daunting problem facing mankind.. evil monetary systems that enslave all of humankind! You can tell your grandchildren you read about it first right on this here blog! And don’t forget to boycott online petitions that only serve to keep themselves in business, until they start to address the real problem that all others spring from!


In a month or so I expect I will receive yet another kilobyte of digital effluence from and then maybe I’ll make a new gmail email address, signup at, and make a petition to stop sending people irrelevant online petitions. I am sure zillions of people will sign it 😀


I was beavering away today at the interface code I have been working on recently. After half a day of messing about I think that I am going to have to transplant everything into the main Ghost Road codebase because I seem to be migrating code the other way and that is not good.

So tomorrow I hope to get the new code into Ghost Road and then work on the new character creation interface. Hopefully early next week I will have the entire new character creation and saving stuff working 🙂

I played a bit of PoE today too and it is amazing how fast the economy in it becomes buggered. For the last few days I have been flipping items and it’s made me some currency but at the end of the day all the good items are stupidly overpriced and I haven’t a hope of ever getting one of them. Well PoE it was fun for five or so days but really..

I am determined to make my own ARPG game not be so.. unrewarding.