Everything hasn’t turned to custard just yet. That comes when the electricians send us a second invoice which causes both invoices to not total the quote they originally sent us. I have a string feeling that things are going to get complicated at that point but hey.. let’s get angry about that particular event as it unfolds πŸ˜‰

I managed to get 2 coats of custard colored paint on the kitchen today. Eventually the kitchen will be white, the custard color is a mis-tint we purchased to cover the dark brown in the pre existing kitchen. Even though the color its self is a bit crap the kitchen is looking really fantastic!

The electricians didn’t turn up on Friday as they said they would, now they will arrive tomorrow, when we are going out for lunch *grrr*. I’ll leave them a details list of tasks that must be completed so it should all be good *crosses fingers*

Then we went out to look at an open home.. yes.. we are wanting to buy another house here in Hawkes Bay, once we sell our old house in Kapiti of course. Then this evening we went out to Haumoana where our friend Bob has gone in his camper van (well it’s a real mobile home with all the flash stuff like extending walls and so on) and we had fish and Chips. It was great afterΒ  a hard days painting.

I didn’t get any coding done today but since we are out for lunch tomorrow and the electricians are working about the kitchen for the day I am quietly confident that I will be able to get some code laid out πŸ˜‰

So let us end the week with a few words from the spawn of the all seeing all knowing invisible sky wizard…




Today @totebo visited, all the way from merry old England on his whirlwind world tour! It was fantastic to meet him and his lovely family. We all went into town and had lunch at a nice cafe and @totebo and I got to talk a lot about coding and Gideros in general. It would have been so good if he was able to stay in our area for a couple of days (or more!) but they are on a tight schedule to be in Australia for X-Mas so on they went.

Just a great day really and again, so glad to meet a fellow Gideros user in person! I wonder if Gideros could ever become gigantic and we could have international conferences… hmmm.. πŸ˜‰

So I did get up early this morning and got the VSlider working fully in the UI system so it’s all looking pretty good now πŸ™‚

Tomorrow I’ll be painting and between coats drying maybe getting some post into post holes for the deck extension.

Fact of the Day

Contrary to popular belief, people do not become better singers by drinking copious amounts of alcohol.

The neighbors had a little do today (it’s still going on now) which started about half past 3. It’s good that they are in their back yard getting tanked and singing along to whatever bad music they are listening to. We wonder if it is an end of year do or something they are hosting. In any case it sounds like they are all having boatloads of fun which is the main thing I suppose πŸ™‚

I had a different kind of fun today. Actually it’s the kind of fun I have most days.. scraping, plastering, filling, and sanding. After all this time I am almost ready to start painting the kitchen! There is just a final sand of some plaster tomorrow and then it’s all brushes (and rollers) to the ready! It will be a change of pace to the other stuff, that’s for sure!

I also decided to finally chop down my 100x100x2400 posts into 600mm lengths for use as supports for the deck extension. I got those done and treated the ends with nasty chemicals to help them not rot so fast and then discovered I had to do heaps of prep (it’s always prep this or prep that these days LOL) before I could even begin putting them into holes.

So I got started on that and finished up after 6pm. I will attack this again on Sunday mayhaps, whilst waiting for coats of paint to dry in the kitchen πŸ˜‰

First thing this morning I did a little coding which was more copy and pasting but let’s not split hairs! I copied the HSlider (Horizontal Slider class) and created the VSlider (can you guess what that one is?) which I slapped into the GUI system. I did’t get to try it out yet, maybe in the morning before renovations resume πŸ˜€

We Have Kitchen!!

After a long day, the kitchen is “mostly” in. Our old house being not straight (or level) caused a few headaches for the installers but they got there in the end. Lucky for them I was about because they had positioned 3 cabinets when I said.. “Isn’t the sink supposed to go in that corner?”. So they had installed the wrong unit there! I wonder what a pain it would have been if they had installed everything and suddenly figured out they had put things in the wrong place πŸ˜€

The electrician came and got all of his cable laid out and tomorrow will return to make everything live. We will still be without a full kitchen for another week or so while we wait for our stone bench-top to arrive. Then the plumber will come and do his stuff and the electrician will connect up the hob. Around the same time, the flooring people will be here to lay our new floor so we think within 2 weeks the kitchen will be fully installed. This gives me plenty of time to fill, sand, and paint everything in the kitchen area. Then it will be time to have a little celebration.

Here are a couple of pictures of our partial kitchen install…


The bit where you can see the ducting hanging out of the wall is where some shelves go (that hide the ducting behind them. The ones the installers brought were not correct.


Since I couldn’t do any renovating myself today I got some time to do a spot of coding which was a pleasant change of pace. I do like renovating but it sure can be dirty work.

I got horizontal sliders implemented in the GUI system. Getting the different labels (the name and the counter) to position correctly was quite a mission but I have a much better handle on how Gideros calculates a sprites bounds now πŸ™‚

All Ready

We are ready (as ready as we can be) for the kitchen installation tomorrow. We are pretty excited and are really looking forward to getting a real kitchen back into our lives. Mind you.. it will be a week or so before the bench-top is installed. Check it out the space…


From the picture it looks a bit shabby but don’t worry.. it will look a lot better very soon. As soon as the kitchen is in and the tradesmen are gone, I will start painting. Also, that odd custard color on the back wall is just a mis-tint we purchased cheap to help cover up the dark wallpaper πŸ™‚

No code today but I have been thinking about a problem @totebo was having with making Box2d shapes from a Tiled map. I have my own code that makes collision rectangles from Tiled maps but it only makes rectangles that are either one tile wide or one tile high. I think I might attempt to create a new class that makes more efficient rectangles.

Bloody Tradesmen!

So the electricians turned up today and did part of their total job. Everything is now ready for the kitchen to be installed but they could have done this stuff a week or more ago. This is quite annoying because I am rushing about madly trying to get walls lined, plastered, and sanded before Thursday and it could have been a much smoother job overall (for me at least) if these people would just use their brains.

As a result of this I have been ripping out the remaining small wall in the kitchen, lining walls, plastering, and sanding pretty much all day today. I’m not going to be finished plastering and sanding everything by Thursday (really salty about that) but at least the space will be ready for the kitchen install.

The plumber turned up for 15 minutes this morning too and disconnected the remaining cabinet. Then he says that he might as well not return until the kitchen is in.

These tradesmen seem to womble through life without a care in the world. and what really annoys me is that these people are supposed to be professionals and this can not be the first kitchen they have ever had to participate in installing. So why the heck can’t they give you good advice? It seems they don’t give a damn as long as you pay their overly expensive invoices.

I didn’t get to any coding on the GUI system this evening, instead I made some small optimizations in BuzzY BeeZ and tested it on my Pixel-C. It took maybe 40 or 50 “tests” to ensure it was working as it should πŸ˜€

The Planets

Are aligning! Well actually it is just the label class that is aligning in the new GUI system. It works very well and any widget can now have it’s own label attached, easy as!!

I began sanding in the kitchen this morning. My plastering skills really need work as I seem to be sanding off more than is left on the walls heheh. there is lots more to do in the coming days so I’m sure I can improve my wastage ratio πŸ˜‰

I got everything wrong with regards to the tradesmen! They are arriving tomorrow, not today, grr. Oh well better late than never πŸ™‚