To where we were. I got the interface code fixed up today. In fact I just deleted the whole lot and re coded it and I’m happier with it in its current form.

I also played a bit (okay a ton) of PoE today. I’m starting to enjoy my Cyclone Slayer a lot 🙂

A Day Off

Well after my botched coding session yesterday I’m still sore that I didn’t make a darn backup. So I took a day off and played PoE instead 😀

It is not too bad but there are so many giant maps in the main quest line that get really tiresome to traverse. Now that I have played the entire 3.0 from act1 to 10 I can say that I will really be hard pressed to create another character as it feels like a mammoth chore to get to endgame now. It was grinding before 3.0 but now it’s just something else.

Back to our scheduled program

Our guests left today so its back to life as usual around these parts. I got a little code done today but broke the stuff I had working yesterday. Whoops! Tomorrow I’ll sort that out 🙂

Played a bit of PoE today and after updating my graphics drivers it seems to be running without crashing! So after I got past the usual bit where your character is weak and useless.. it’s not too bad now. I’m still not liking all of the one shot mechanics but maybe I’m just not very good at the game 😀

3.0 yes!

This morning I played PoE for about an hour. The developers have implemented a queue system so that their servers don’t get so overloaded. This is kind of annoying but it works at least. DX9 is still making gameplay kind of stuttery but there’s not much I can do about that either. Mayne I will see if there are newer drivers for my ancient graphics card in my workstation 😀

I did a little coding toady also and went over the initial code for the display of available heroes. It all works as it should so tomorrow I hope to get some code in to manage deleting and saving the heroes as well. Once I get that working I can get back to the inventory code.

PoE 3.o no!!

Well today was the big launch of Path of Exile 3.0, the Fall of Oriath. I got up super early and was able to to play with some mates from Kapiti. Unfortunately in the first hour my client crashed eight times and I had to change my settings to use DX9 instead of DX11. This solved (so far) the crashing but the performance dropped a lot and the game became graphically laggy. Then after about an hour all the servers crashed and that’s when I decided it might be good to wait a bit before even bothering with it again. All in all a very disappointing experience.

Apart from that we went out for coffee and a wine tasting with our guests and it was a pretty sunny day here in Hastings. So all in all not bad.

Before the PoE patch had downloaded early this morning I also managed to recode some interface code in Ghost Road. It now has a proper list that is populated by the files found in it’s heroes folder. It’s pretty cool stuff and I’ll have another pass at it tomorrow morning.. but I might see if the PoE servers are a bit more stable then also 🙂


Busy Bee

Today I did a lot of cleaning in anticipation of our guests arriving. Claire usually does pretty much all of the cleaning about these parts so it was quite a shock to the system having to actually do stuff around the house for once 😀

I got a bit of code created today also. I created two new classes, HeroManager and ItemContainerManager. The names should give you a rough idea of their respective functions. To accelerate development I have created a test project just to get the loading and saving of data, as well as inventory management working as they should.

So, tomorrow we are off wine tasting and having coffee somewhere so it should be all good fun. I’ll totally miss the Path of Exile 3.0 launch however 😦