Has truly arrived. It was 27 degrees today so we went for a bicycle ride and had coffee. It was nice to be doing other things than renovating. However.. on the way home a spoke on my wheel broke so I need to get that replaced 🙂

Then for the rest of the day I was ripping out the old kitchen and floor. It wasn’t as hard as I imagined though separating the sink from the bench was very difficult. Here is how our kitchen looks currently…


The remaining cabinet has plumbing inside so the plumber will need to disconnect all that jazz before it can be removed. After looking at this picture… any kitchen we put in will have to be an improvement!

Very little coding today but I got the alignment stuff for Labels worked out and partially implemented. Tomorrow maybe I can get it finished.

Mostly I need to tidy up round the back of the house so the electrician and plumber can access what they need to on Tuesday. Once they have been and gone I can finish up as much as possible in the kitchen (plastering, sanding, etc before Thursday when the new kitchen goes in! Our new appliances arrive tomorrow too so we are excited to get those finally 🙂


Close Now…

I was hoping to get some post in today but that didn’t happen. The ceiling divider between the kitchen and dining room is looking a lot nicer though. There are more coats of plaster and a ton of sanding to do but I’m happy with it 🙂

Apart from getting that done I didn’t do much else except cleanup the renovation disaster area that our house is. Tomorrow I need to move a bunch of crap that has piled up at the back of the house so that come Monday when the tradies arrive, they can access all the stuff they need to 🙂

We will also have to do a load of re organizing inside because tomorrow I will also rip out our old kitchen so we need some temporary place to do kitcheny stuff. It will be strange to be without a kitchen for like a week but I’m sure we can make it work 🙂

Again, no code which is kind of a bummer but I’m sure next week will bring a few opportunities 😉


Arms are great. Having 4 or even 6 arms would be much better though. I had a nasty experience with a sheet of Gib board today which was proving very difficult to hold aloft by myself, but eventually I managed to prevail after an hour or so. So the bit on the ceiling that divides the kitchen from the dining room is now gibbed!

This afternoon I started to plaster it all and it’s slow going. I hope to get most of it done tomorrow and I’d also like to get some posts cut and into my post holes too. There really aren;t enough hours in the day right now 😀

I didn’t get time to do any coding which was a bummer, maybe in the morning 🙂

Goodbye Money

Well today I purchased more materials for the deck extension and suddenly we are $600 poorer, but we needed the stuff to make it all possible. Now it is up to me and my army of blisters to make it happen!

to that end I poured all 12 holes with an amount of concrete today (about 100mm in each). I brought 25KG bags of ready to mix concrete and mixed them up one by one in my wheelbarrow. If I ever get rich making games.. I’m buying a flipping concrete mixer and a giant shed to keep it in 😀

At some stage tomorrow the concrete should be hard enough for me to place posts in the holes. A lot of the timber I brought today was kind of wet but I have 3 dry lengths of post so that will be enough to chop up and get into the holes.

I managed to implement a rough Label class in the GUI system this morning and it’s working, which is good. I need to make it better so other widgets like RadioButtons and CheckBoxes (actually any other widgets!) can create them and attach them to themselves. I’ll hopefully get that done in the morning because the rest of the day is going to be frenetic trying to get the posts in, get the ceiling in the dining room ready and cleaning up the giant mess that is spread throughout quarter of the house 😀

Holey Holes BatMan!!

This morning I dug the other 6 post holes for the deck extension. It was really really hot! When I finished I made myself a Grapefruit and Soda drink and sat down on the current deck to admire my handiwork. It only took a couple of minutes and then it clouded over 😀

Then I decided to take the opportunity and mow the lawns. No sooner had I finished those that Claire arrived home, we made some lunch, and about two minutes after sitting down to eat (on the current deck again) it began to rain. There went my aspirations of putting some concrete in my holes 😦

But I managed to fill the rest of the afternoon by starting to Gib some walls and start preparing the ceiling for Gibbing. The Electrician and Plumber will be arriving on Monday to do most of their work before the kitchen goes in on Thursday. This means that on Sunday afternoon I will be very busy ripping the old kitchen out.

Early this morning however I got to a bit of coding and implemented CheckBoxes in my new GUI system. they work really well. Next up will be Labels so you can plaster text all over the show 😀


Are things that are better dug by persons other than yourself. I know this because I spent a large amount of time outside clearing the end of the porch area and then digging holes for posts. I also had to play in SketchUp for some time to whip up an accurate model of how the finished deck will look and more importantly.. where the post holes need to be dug, and of course how many will be required 🙂

I got six holes dug today and man the soil here in Hawkes Bay is rocky! Back in Kapiti the soil was quite sandy so digging holes wasn’t that bad, here though.. the first 300mm is just full of rocks! The only good thing about this is that the soil is quite firm too so the holes I have dug so far are very tidy 🙂

So here is a wee picture of how the deck will look when it is completed which all going to plan should be by Sunday 🙂


Asta La Vista Monday

true to form coffee Monday took up a lot of the day. we had to also visit the bank this afternoon to talk to a money man about well.. money. That went reasonably well but still sucked up valuable coding time 😦

No work on the deck again. Once we got home and ate food the weather turned a bit poopy with rain and thunder *eek*.

So for the rest of the day I worked on my new GUI system and it now has the one event handler for every single window and widget that exist! It’s absolutely one of my best classes already, and it only has 3 GUI elements implemented so far.. Window, Image, and ImageButton.

I’m excited to get to work on it in the morning before I go outside to dig holes. Hmm, digging holes or coding, I know what I’d rather be doing. However, I’ve promised Claire that the deck will be completed before the kitchen goes in on the 7th of December so I better get a wiggle on 😀