More Madness

Today I received an email from one of the supermarkets where we shop. It informed me that we are now only allowed to purchase 3 or less of any similar item, so 3 loaves of bread.

Now this is all fine and dandy but what about people who live aurally and shop once a month? they might want more than 3 loaves of bread but they will probably get shoved into a little pigeon hole and shafted up the asshole by more hysteric policies created by morons. Yes.. they are fucking morons because Claire and I can both enter the supermarket separately and both purchase 3 loaves of bread each. So yeah, I have to reiterate… fucking morons making stupid fucking policies!

Besides tat bullshit we went for a long walk over to Frimley Park which took about 2 hours all up. On the way home we went to the supermarket and discovered that all the nice bread (Vogels) so we brought another brand which is nice, but nowhere near as good… damn panic buyers LOL

I also worked on my assignments and made some progress.

On the map

Today Hawkes Bay New Zealand recorded its first case of Covid-19! It doesn’t mean much because the guy who returned from overseas self isolated (or is it socially distanced) as soon as he got back. He tested positive but has been in self isolation this entire time. He still mingled with people in the queues at the airport though, so there could be many more infected. Hmm, still not a big problem IMHO.

What is a bog problem is all the fucking assholes who think they need to run to the supermarkets and buy every fucking item in sight! These myopic plebeian buffoons need to calm the fuck down and stop panic buying! It’s a flu.. it’s not an end if the world zombie apocalypse for fucks sake! I hope that Covid-19 gets the lot of you and removes your stain from the human disgrace!

Anyways, besides being pissed off about needless Covid-19 hype today I mowed the lawns and did a bit of gardening. The power cable broke part way through mowing the lawns (we have an electric mower) and it took about an hour to repair that *grrr). Then the remote for our car failed and it turns out that it was not the thing itself, but something in the car. I can see in my crystal ball another $1,000+ bill in our near future LOL. Fucking cars!

Then I also had to go into town and it was a totally fucking abortion! Covid-19 hysteria is well and truly alive in Hawkes Bay New Zealand… and really… it’s not even fucking here yet! I was so glad to get home and I’m considering self isolating, or social distancing, or independent confinement, or disassociated quarantine, or disconnected withdrawal, or excluded internment, or separated incarceration, or self vacuum, or social retirement, or whatever bullshit fucking word wank you want to use to describe “staying the fuck away from stupid fucking Covid-19 hysteric shitheads”. Yes, I’m sorry but I have a very low tolerance for moronic behavior.

But hey… maybe its all been planned well in advance to make it possible to introduce the New World Order!!! Oh noes!!!!

What do you think?


Today was a long day as yo know I have a one hour UX & UI lecture at 9am, and then a two hour UX & UI Lab at 1pm. The bit between isn;t so bad because I can do assignment work but the actal classes… yawn!!

In the lab people just started leaving half way through, they had enough. The tutor had lost control of the class before that however so you couldn’t blame them. After it looked like nothing else was going on I also left.

I feel sorry for the tutor because he knows a lot about UX & UI, he just isn’t a great teacher. He doesn’t have that way to make learning such a dry subject fun, and yes… it is a dry boring subject.

In any case I got cracking on my assignment so should have that done by the end of next week 🙂


Well no fire today because I’m still in the Business App Prog team. It’s a team based thing so I have to stay in (for now). I told the rest of the team I am no longer team leader or project manager. They seemed to be shocked by this?

Anyway, the rest of the class was shit because I’m not happy with my other team members. My opinion of each of them has fallen significantly. In fact this entire semester has been shit… if it isn’t being teamed up with people I really don’t want to work with (who basically can’t do the work) its a bad tutor with poor teaching skills.

Is it worth the bit of paper at the end?


They say where there is smoke, there is fire. There is currently no fire but maybe a little smoke on the horizon. Today I emailed the tutor for Business App Programming, and sent a carbon copy to the the program coordinator for the school of computing, regarding my team members who have pretty much done nothing.

Tomorrow there might be some flames in class because I have requested permission to leave the team and do the entire project by myself. If I’m not allowed to leave the team, then I’ll resign as team leader and project manager, and let somebody else try and herd the cats LOL, I’ll also fork the project so to speak and build my own complete solution on the side because I’m not failing this paper by osmosis!

Anyhoo, today was also Advanced OOP class and I’m just getting more and more confused by Java. I really do not like green eggs and ham… or Java 😀

I think mainly I just have to sit down and start coding. Maybe then I’ll understand what use interfaces, controllers, services, and repositories are actually good for… currently I just see them creating a confusing array of packages and classes that are really slow to execute compared with other languages.

Oh… I also submitted my crappy WordPress assignment for my Web Application Development paper 🙂

Coulda Guessed

Yes good readers, today I learned that none of the other members of my awesome Business App Prog team have contributed anything to the project over the weekend or today. I asked them to help determine the core functionality of our web application, and then help sort out deliverables, timelines, and budget for our Project Charter. But none of them could muster even one fucking word… not one between them!

I’ve done it all myself and I’m happy with the Project Charter. That is pretty much ready to hand over to the client for him to read and hopefully sign on Wednesday. The problem is that I have no desire (-1,000,000 on a scale of 1 to 10) to work with my team anymore and I will 100% fr sure be talking to the tutor in class on Wednesday.

While I remember… I better start moving my files out of their folders… they really don’t need my ERD and other documents and diagrams eh?


Today we went out for a walk to Sunshine Falls. The walk itself was about an hour there and an hour back. The waterfall is very beautiful and the tallest (58M) in Hawkes Bay. The drive there and back was nearly 50Km each way and a lot of gravel roads. It was still worth it though.

That was pretty much the entire day done. Back home for dinner and an evening of school work heheh. Now I must sleep because I have.. hmm.. school in the morning 😀