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Continuing on from last evening, item mods are the subject of the day and really will be every day until they are sorted (pun not intended). I have reorganized the Excel sheet to enable easier addition of new item types at a later date. It will be fiddly but now not so much, which is all we can hope for some days. This is what the spreadsheet looks like right now…


If you look closely you will see that the sheet extends a loooong way to the right. Every time you play some ARPG you better appreciate the amount of buggering about in some spreadsheet that took place to place that game in your possession 😀

I have been creating code to get the mod file loaded into Ghost Road and from there make more tables containing all game items (that can have mods) and lists of the mods that are able to spawn on them.

I’m pretty confident that this is the best approach and it will be relatively trivial (no such luck most likely) to generate random items on the fly. We shall see 🙂



Wow! It has been raining here for days. We have never seen Hawkes Bay like this but it’s not really anything to worry about, the long hot days of Summer are just around the corner 🙂

Today we drove to coffee group for the first time since we started it so many months ago. It is pretty s**t in Hastings because you have to pay for parking so it adds to your coffee expense *grrr* Anyway we did coffee and then just chilled out for the rest of the day.

I loaded up Path of Exile this afternoon and after about half an hour I had really had enough. It’s hard to put into words just how bad PoE has become in recent updates. It’s a shame because once it was so damn fantastic!

Anyhoo I got to thinking a lot about Ghost Road too and I’m very happy that it is nowhere near as complex as PoE. Even for my larger ARPG game (that I will start one day heheh) I also feel that less complicated is totally the way to go. That and not pandering to whiny bitches on reddit subs as well 😀

I have been thinking this evening about how to process the item mod file. I think for each item type I will iterate through the list of mods and create a table containing pointers to all of the mods that that particular item can have. This will make it super easy to just generate random items. The more I think about it (can you smell smoke?) the more I think it is the way to go. I will get right on that in the morning.


Overload! Anyone else remember that from Red Alert2: Yuri’s Revenge? Man that is still IMHO the best RTS created. I don’t know why the heck companies can’t make good games like that anymore.

Anyhoo I in fact had a little overload whilst I was trying to figure out how to do the updates that I was talking about yesterday. The answer turned out to simply be to include all of that data in the main APK file because when adding new mods for items, there will need to be new code to process those new mods, so there is no need to separate the mods from the code at all. Bit of a storm in a teacup really 😀

So before everyone else rose from their slumbers I got the whole conversion program created. It works really well (first time in fact) and now it is relatively easy to get the mod data from Excel to Ghost Road.


WordPress did not eat last evenings post, I just plain forgot to make one! Our weekend guest Catherine from Kapiti arrived and we all spent the evening chatting.. then we went to bed. So apologies for forgetting. You didn’t really miss much however..

I spent a lot of the day agonizing over structures for base item types and also thinking about the best way to edit the data pertaining to them and all game items in general. Even though it’s a bit fiddly I am going to stick with my Excel worksheet which is pretty easy to edit. The fiddly part comes when I need to first save it as a CSV file (Comma Separated Values), encode it to a JSON string, encrypt it, and finally compress it.

I previously created a program in VB.net that converted the CSV into JSON format but now I will just re write that in Lua and the same program will do the encrypting and compressing as well. The final file can then be loaded directly into the game.

This has made me think about how that last part will work. If I have a giant data file (not too giant mind you) included with the game.. how do I release upgrades to that? In theory I can just add to it and release the entire thing again but the more efficient way would to be to have some kind of patching server that would be able to update the game data as required. Much more thinking is required but I’m sure I will arrive at the best conclusion (well maybe) 😉


Plodding right along from yesterday I performed more code integrationary magic. I have now begun thinking about actual items and since each item will be of some base type, defining those base types. Right now I’m torn between making some editor in Gideros, or hacking one up in Visual Studio. The VS route will be easier with it’s flashy WYSIWYMG interface (What You See Is WhatYou Might Get) but Gideros will be in Lua and easier to integrate overall. Decisions, decisions…


Well getting the data management code integrated into the main code-base of Ghost road has been an interesting exercise. I have now discovered that I have really butchered things a lot in Data Management and Ghost Road is not cooperating. Nevertheless I’ll get it working but this has highlighted to me that I am going to require some kind of item editing application. I have a big spreadsheet that contains all the information for item tiers and mods and so on, but I feel that a dedicated program to manage this data would be the best option. Especially when I am going to be encrypting and compressing the thing.

So besides wrestling with that conundrum I cleaned up the kitchen floor that had paint splotches all over it. It looked messy (to Claire at least) and she wants it to look nicer for now, even though I’m going to rip it all up and bin it in early December. Girls eh? 😀

I also tidied up down the back side of the house so now it is easy to access stuff and the extra timber for the deck (oh man that’s a big project that needs to be completed before Summer). It also provides much better access to the rubbish bin which has on more than one occasion attempted to trip me up and have me lying face down on the concrete!

Tomorrow we have a house guest for about 4 days.. Max, the dog who belongs to Claire.. not my Claire.. another one. So I’ve had to modify the fence so he can’t wonder off and erect some other makeshift obstacles so he can;t get under the house where he would probably pooh, like all dogs seem to like doing *sigh*

Then on Friday we have another guest, Catherine, a good friend from Kapiti. Man it’s going to be a busy weekend. I’m happy however since I’m sure there will be eating and drinking involved somewhere 😀

So you can see it’s all starting to get rather busy here at our house. Playing @totebo’s No Brakes.IO has really made me think that I should do a bit more work on my CarBall type prototype also 😉

Meep Meep!

I continued to integrate data management code today, man there’s a lot of that s**t to mash into Ghost Road 😀

We went out this afternoon and looked at handles for our new kitchen cabinets and whatnot. We think we have decided (yay). We also looked at more flooring options. Man this project is sucking us dry moneywise. Oh well at least we will look ab fab while we cook food once it’s all done 😉

And this evening I played a bit of No Brakes.IO created by my good Gideros buddy @totebo. It can be played in a browser http://nobrakes.io and you can also grab it from the Google Play Store and I suppose that apple place also. Give it a whirl, it’s easy to play and good fun.