Sunday like Monday

Today it really felt like a Monday, but of course it wasn’t. we went to an open home not far from our house and I didn’t think it was very good at all. There was a lot of rot in the windows and cracks and what seemed to be moisture damage behind the stucco. The real estate agent was trying to gauge what we thought the property was worth but we told him we basically have a formula that determines what we would be willing to pay for a house. He seemed to have not many clues.. as most real estate agents LOL

People sometimes ask me why I’m not fond of religion. There are many reasons why I dislike the invisible sky wizard but one of the main reasons goes something like this…

After the disintegration of my family when I was about 6 years old I spent many years living in foster homes. The first home I had the misfortune to be placed in was in Levin with a minister and his wife. Life there was pretty much one opportunity after another for the minister to force feed me religion. Looking back it’s good that he only did that and didn’t decide to rape me like so many other men of faith seem to enjoy doing.. but I digress.

One day I was walking home and I found a a twenty dollar note in the gutter. I was very excited because now I was really rich, twenty dollars on those days was a lot of money. On my arrival at the ministers house I told him and immediately the twenty dollars was taken from me to be given to ‘people more in need’. Now I was pretty much an orphan then with no family left but I wasn’t needy enough? Really.. gods minion on earth had just robbed a child of twenty dollars.

That was pretty much the pivotal moment in my life when I thought.. fuck god and all of his bullshit! Which brings us to this evenings religious meme which has parallels to my own findings..




This morning I received an email from admob to inform me that my admob has been suspended for 30 days.. for viewing adverts whilst playing one of my own games. At first I scratched my head and then I screamed WHAT THE TOTAL FUCK!?

As it transpires, it is a breach of admobs terms and conditions that a developer play their own games and see a rewarded video advert.. because they might be trying to scam admob or something I suppose. I have played all of my other games a lot and I’ve never come across this until I implemented rewarded video adverts in my latest game (Peaky Climb). From my limited understanding (after searching) there is some stupid method to set your device up as a test device and therefore not incur the wrath of the admob gods, but I can’t do that because I export directly to an Android APK file from Gideros Studio and there is no facility included there for that bullshit.

Now if admob know that I am playing one of my games and I’m using the rewarded video adverts as they are intended (to get some in game currency or whatnot) then why don’t they just not pay me for that advert that I watched? Why suspend my account and further.. threaten possible account closure if I persist?


I have now removed all admob code from Peaky Climb and rejigged the game so that you can now only revive (continue with score intact) by paying in game gems. The revive cost has also been lowered from 25 to 5 gems.

Now I’m considering removing all admob code from all of my previous games.. what a task 😦

Bugs = crap!

Last evening I went to bed and played a lot of Peaky Climb. After some time and using the ‘Free Revive’ feature the game crashed back to the home screen. Arghhhhh!!!

This morning I connected my Nexus4 t my laptop using a USB cable and loaded up Android Studio. This allowed me to see errors and other such nonsense in the LogCat window. After repeatedly watching adverts the game again crashed back to the home screen but now I had some error text.

After posting on the Gideros forum @vitalitymobile replied and linked me to a page where there were more links describing the issue.

As it transpires this crash can happen when an app resumes after a rewarded video advert has been displayed. Oh yay! This is a known issue with AdMob and Google have fixed the issue, but they have not yet released a newer version of the AdMob SDK that includes the fix. Personally I think that a really nasty bug like this that could affect millions of apps on the Google Pay Store would be cause for alarm and a patch would be released as soon as it was resolved. Google make so much f**ing money however that they can just take their own sweet time and eventually they will release the fix. Oh yay!

So now my new game has a bug.. and it’s not of my own making. Oh well, I guess that’s the way it goes sometimes. Oh yay!

the other issue that now pops up is that once Google release a fix.. somebody has to update the Gideros plugin to include the fix. I wonder how long that will take. Oh yay!

I really love Gideros and Lua but I am beginning to wonder if it might not be prudent to consider changing to a framework that whilst not open sourced.. is run by professionals with the resources to get stuff done in a reasonable time frame when issues like this pop up.. My only real gripe with this train of thought is that I despise Unity and I’m really not that fond of the latest Unreal engine. Maybe Godot might be worth looking at.. or maybe even.. eek.. defold!

I Command You!

Go forth and climb mountains.. with no hair or even with no pants of you so desire!! Peaky Climb is now published on the Google Play Store. I’d appreciate if Android device owners would download it and leave a review (good or bad).

Peaky Climb has actually taught me a fair bit when it comes to games and coding. I’ve learnt that I can recreate the main mechanic of another developers game in a morning and have an entire clone product released in a couple of weeks. If I had an artist to collaborate with and if I spent a lot more time during the day coding I could plop out a clone like this in under a week. I need to find an artist to conspire with now 😉

Anyways, if you have an Android device please follow the link on the right side and give Peaky Climb a try.. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

Did you turn it off and on again???

Being an IT guy I probably should have turned my Android devices off and on again before ranting about there being an issue with Gideros. Anyhoo.. rebooting solved all of my Google Play Services issues and now the monetization stuff in Peaky Climb seems to be working as intended, so there was nothing wrong with my code for the last 3 days arghhhhh. This is great news though and I think I should now be able to publish tomorrow!

Before I can do that however I will have to remove all of the debugging code I have been adding in the last few days whilst trying to track down the non existent bugs with my Google Play Services *grrr*. I will probably need to tweak my crappy store listing also 😀


That’s the phrase that comes to mind when using the various poorly documented and ‘mostly’ implemented monetization features in Gideros. Pretty much since my first game (Falling Animals) I have always struggled with this part of development. Currently I’m having issues trying to get in app purchases working as they should.. I’ll explain..

When the user purchases the ‘remove_adverts’ in app purchase (iap) then the banner ads are removed from the game. If the user uninstalls and then reinstalls the game, they click the ‘Restore Purchases’ button which retrieves all of their previous iap items. This unfortunately is not working as advertised.. or I’m doing it wrong. I strongly feel it’s the former however and I’ve made a forum post that can hopefully shed some light on it.

On a brighter note I think I might (crosses fingers) have managed to get rewarded video ads working in Peaky Climb. There are two rewards available in Peaky Climb, the first being the player can watch a short video to earn 20 extra gems and the second reward is when the player falls from the peak they can watch a short video to be revived without spending gems to do so.

With a bit of luck I’ll be able to get the iap stuff resolved tomorrow and get this game published maybe later in the day.. or on Thursday 🙂

Store it

Monday today so off we went to coffee group. We tried a new cafe today because the coffee at the previous one (Little BlackBird in Market St Hastings) was starting to taste a little nasty. The new cafe (Slutto in King St Hastings) has much nicer coffee IMHO. Unless there are any major rumblings we will stay there from now on I think. If we go back to the old place.. I’ll just have a glass of water and a scone instead of the coffee 🙂

Besides coffee group I spent a bunch of time Gimping play store imagery and making the listing and so on. That part of the process is pretty time intensive, especially creating some of the ad units in AdMob.

Tomorrow I hope to get code implemented for managing the play store stuff and in app purchases.. fingers crossed 🙂